About Us

DIY Makeup started out of a negative experience at a mall - Maybe you can relate...

I grew up in a strict house hold when it came to make up, hair, and anything to do with boys. I love my dad but he raised & treated me the exact same way he treated my brother! So anything he deemed 'girly' was put on the restriction list. 

College came along with freedom to finally start being me and naturally I wondered in a big mall make up store.

I remember it being busy and when the lady asked what I was looking and when I said 'I have no idea this is my first time buying make up' and the surrounding ladies laughed at me.

I got flush red and walked away in tears. 

When I got home I took to the internet and started looking up everything I could on make up. 

What I discovered was shocking. I learned about the industry, the business, the chemicals and the marketing that broadcasts across mainstream media about what it means to be beautiful.

In America - beauty is marketed through brands. Literally... you can't be beautiful unless you wear the best, dress the best, smell the best. 

The industry is as toxic as the materials in most make up found at the typical big mall store. 

I wanted to create a space on the internet where women of all ages could not just learn about make up, but feature brands that you may not know of who are ethically creating products that can actually be healthy for you.

Note... you don't need any products to be beautiful because beauty is a quality of the soul :) 


- Hanna