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Ever heard of ‘low battery anxiety’? In a nutshell, this kind of anxiety is prevalent among people who panic about their phone losing power – of course, because of low battery charge! To say at least, statistics have shown that 32% of people would drop everything or would leave everything just to get back home and charge their phones. Most of us are guilty about it, for sure. You can’t blame one as most of the activities we have today in this techy generation revolves around using a phone. And so, the red icon is really not a good sign and would mean fear to anybody!

Good thing, with the advancement of technology, great inventions are made to help you out from these life & death situations. But, before revealing these great products we’ve just discovered, let’s talk about how important to charge your phone’s battery and how to extend its life. Perhaps, this is not just for your phone’s good but for yours, too!

Take Care of Your Phone’s Battery like How You Take Care of Yourself

With your mobile phone, you can have a great way of communicating with either of your friends or your family. You can also play whatever trendy game there is and take the best selfie you’d post on your social media accounts. You can order your food, buy your dream shoes and ask your crush or your partner how they’d been doing. But you won’t get these great perks of having a smartphone IF you have an empty phone battery. With this in mind, it is important to know how to conserve your beloved battery and extend its life at least. Below are some pretty good steps to do that:

1. Make sure to dim your phone’s screen

  • Your phone screen is using a larger proportion of your phone’s battery. Thus, dim it as possible and as needed.

2. You have to turn off all unused apps and frequencies

  • Connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or cellular connection can take much of your phone. So, make sure to turn them off even those apps that you no longer use or running in the background.

3. Minimize phone use (Yes!)

  • If you really want to extend your phone’s battery charge, do your best to minimize the usage of it. With that, you can use it for many important events and would never have to worry about having a useless phone.

4. AVOID idle charging

  • Do you charge overnight? It’s pretty obvious that this habit of ours is not a good habit. Why? Because it stresses your phone’s voltage. So, if it’s 100%, make sure to unplug it to save your phone’s life.
5. Keep your batteries cool
  • Don’t leave your phone in a hot car all day! Do the charging in a cool, dry place – you never want a bake battery, right?

You might take these amazing tips and remember it in ordinary days when you are of no rush. BUT, if you have an emergency event and you forgot to charge your phone at the remaining times, what would you do? Would you just cry or get back at house and miss that event you’d been waiting for a year? Torro Data Charging Bracelets enter the scene with the best solution for your low battery anxiety!

Be Battery Ready & Event Ready with Torro Data Charging Bracelets

We are here to introduce to you this charging cable disguised as a designer bracelet. Amazing, right? Whether you’re running errands or would be going out of town, this one of a kind bracelet got you covered. Here are our top techy favorites:

1. The "Dice"

The Dice

This charging bracelet isn’t just cool on its name. It is literally cool with the sleek and smart style that is perfect for go-getters, movers, shakers, achievers – name it! There is never a low battery moment with The Dice on your wrist!

2. The “Eve”

The Eve

Who always goes for the classics? A style that is timeless – a perfect gift to reward yourself or your husband! You never have to worry about bringing your iPhone charger when you leave because Torro’s Eve has the answer! And, white – who wouldn’t want a clean, classy white colored bracelet to boast?

3. The “Penny”

The Penny

Even worthy than its name, the “Penny” is the one to prove that luxury and riches go hand in hand. It is in brown leather (which men love the most!) style and the deal, with 18K gold double braid. For sure, it will never be your third wheel! Now, go out, make them turn to your bracelet which is stylish, and efficient as a charger buddy!

We know the feeling that you are about to discover something good, about to something amazing, about to experience something breath-taking but your PHONE BATTERY is dead. Seriously, we’ve been there! And so, we are glad we’ve found out this cool and amazing bracelet that would get you travel-ready whatever plan you have made for. So, now, make sure to grab these amazing bracelet before your battery run late.

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