The MRS Box Review: Our Honest Opinion


Who doesn’t want to receive gifts? The idea of gift-giving is one of the most exciting things to do, especially when you really put your time and effort in buying that gift for someone. The same goes when someone does the same thing for you. It can give you that fluttery feeling and unexplainable joy from the moment you received it.

Do you have anything with sentimental value that you treasure the most? It may be a ring full of beautiful memories from your beloved ones. You surely keep it with so much love and care, aren’t you? Receiving a ring from someone can mean that you are a very special person to them. It can be an inheritance from your parents, a promise ring from your boyfriend, or a wedding ring from your husband. But isn’t it more special when you keep it in a box full of love? The MRS Box can do it for you! It is your best companion when it comes to taking care of your dearest ring. Experience a more colorful way of treasuring your rings with your chosen customized box!

Express your Aesthetic Love with these Amazing Collections of Colorful Boxes

One of the best ways to someone’s heart is by giving them a special ring that symbolizes your love and care. What makes it more special is to put it inside a box that they will truly love. When it comes to choosing the best brand for you, The MRS Box will be your best choice!

Here are some unique personalized boxes from The MRS Box collections: 

1. The Etta Classic Single

The Etta Classic Single

Gold will never be out of style! Get this glamorous golden box that you will surely love. The Etta Classic Single is designed to make your ring extra special. It comes with a wider pillow and a smaller top to accommodate larger rings. What makes it more special is that it is suited to a ring for your boyfriend or husband. You can also have initials on top of the box to make it more personalized. So what are you waiting for? Grab now this amazing box, and always remember that you are worth more than gold!

2. The Copeland Bevel Single

The Copeland Bevel Single

Always look on the PINK side of life with this mellow box! It is your best for your “girl” friends out there. The Copeland Bevel Single has a customizable lid that can be inset with our original velvet design or our new metal insert that is available in three colors and two finishes. You can never go wrong with a little touch of pink! So add it to your cart now and get yours now.

3. The Cardiff Bevel Double

The Cardiff Bevel Double

There are so many reasons to love the color blue, indeed. Imagine the clear sky above and realized how beautiful it is. It can also remind us of the sea that it is very fascinating. And it can be your ring box, too! The Cardiff Bevel Double is designed to keep two rings in a row. It measures 4cm on all sides and has a customizable lid that you will surely adore! You can also personalize it the way you want, so shop yours now and make your ring box BLUEtiful!

Can you imagine a wedding without the presence of a ring? Life is more beautiful with a ring on your finger! It symbolizes infinity and love for everyone. Once you received a ring from someone, you also receive the gift of responsibility to take care of it at any cost.   

Your ring will be at its best when matched with a ring box. It gives an extra special feels on your dearest ring, too. If you are planning to give a ring for your special someone, then considering buying a ring box can be your best decision! And if you are searching for the best ring box shop? The MRS Box is what you need. It is a trusted online brand that can change your idea of beauty when it comes to ring boxes. All that you need is here! To know more of our exciting designs and colors, visit