The Brambila Method Review From A Non Business Person

My name is Stephani (IG @stephani_kayyy) and i’ve been a freelancer most of my life. I recently took The Brambila Method and my honest opinion is that the great thing about this method is that almost anyone can be successful using it.

stephani kay

Now the reason I say “almost” is because there IS hard work involved, I won’t sugar coat it for you. Coming from someone who was once sucked into the false promises of making quick money. I can tell you this is a much better route to take. Great, long lasting results always take time, and this program continues to add value with both information and inspiration in my opinion. 

Something that sets The Brambila Method apart from others is that it’s not tailored to JUST one type of person either, this is not a one size fits all. Through everything I’ve learned here one of the coolest things about this course is it’s diversity. The possibilities are truly endless. In my case as a nomad who travels the U.S. in her car or someone still working a 9-5 interested in creating their first side hustle. 

As I worked my way through this course I found things that intrigued me and felt like a good fit and others that weren’t quite for me. 

Through The Brambila Method I learned about recurring income aka residual income. One of the ways in this course talked about to achieve this is was using Upwork. After going through this part of the course at first I thought it wasn’t really for me. It’s still something I have yet to dive into but I like knowing it’s there and I have the tools if I do decide to go back to it. 

With so much knowledge, and so many different avenues there were bound to be some things that didn’t feel like they were for me. Just a testament to the range of this 8 day program and everything it has to offer.

On the flip side I was extremely drawn to Fivver and Redbubble (two platforms I learned about while taking the Brambila method). Both platforms allow you to set up free accounts and start selling either products or services at no cost to you. Perfectly in line with the Brambila Method motto: Risk nothing, earn everything. Within my first few days of setting up my Redbubble account I had 2 sales ! I love that the course walked me through how to set up profiles on each platform and was very inspired by guest speaker Alex Fasulo on her own fiverr successes and strategies. She talks about how to create a profile that will increase the ability to be seen on Fivver and gives tips on setting up a profile as well. 

Now that is just scratching the surface 

I couldn’t believe the number of various market places that exist online I hadn’t even heard of or tapped into until taking this course. I’m still figuring out which ones work best for me specifically. So having the ability to revisit the videos in the course and brush up on information paired with the included written action plan has proven extremely valuable to me. 

Although I like to take notes myself and did throughout the course. Being able to also read what I was hearing gave me a better understanding & supported me in comprehending the materials and information provided. 

As I stated earlier this is not the key to get rich quick so it will require some trial and error as well as some actual work. 

I also learned a lot about affiliate marketing and organic affiliate strategies. I didn’t realize how simple it was to use google in order to find companies to become affiliated with and how to properly optimize my searches until now. And If you’re anything like me and not aggressively into sales I’d say you’ll also truly appreciate the organic strategies as well.

 I used to feel there was a major stigma around affiliate marketing like it was your classic pushy sales rep. Though when using the proper google search techniques to find companies that match my interests and values that I actually wanted to talk about I found this doesn’t have to be the case. Unlike your typical job in marketing when you get into affiliate marketing you have the power to give honest feedback and information on good products instead of just selling anything handed to you. 

Organic marketing can take time but as I’ve been learning how to apply certain key words and programs (as taught in the Brambila method) I’ve started to notice myself reaching audiences truly interested in purchasing from me. This includes anything from the merch I've created through Red Bubble and companies or individuals wanting to hire me on Fivver. All things I learned about during the course of this program. Not only did I get the tools and find out about all these online market places. 

I also was taught how to apply them and make the most of them. I love that I didn’t have to undertake a completely new skill set or talent. I don’t have to follow someone else’s specific mold. I am now using everything from the Brambila method to build on things I already know about. Such as: my writing, voice over work (posted on fivver), a simple logo sold on mugs and t-shirts (on my Redbubble), and driving new traffic to my Travel Vlogs on youtube. 

I’m not making hundreds or millions yet but I know I am taking great strides in getting there.

If i’m being totally honest, yes it is taking time to work my way there and putting in the time and effort is necessary. I can’t say with 100% certainty that this course is for everyone, because it’s not. Having the right mindset as well as my execution of things Ive learned in the Brambila method has taken me far and I think anyone willing to put in that time and effort can do the same. 

This method is truly built for side hustlers , entrepreneurs , and all around go-getters. Where there’s a will, there’s a way with the Brambila method and I really trust Adrian Brambila he is super transparent.

The Brambila Method 8 day program is a game changer in my opinion.