Product Review on Riddle’s Fragrance Oils I Our Honest Thoughts

Riddle Oil

In a woman’s dictionary, a little spritz and spray aren’t enough to say you’ve worn enough fragrance. Even a man can attest to how ladies put big time and effort into how they place or even choose a fragrant of their taste. “I deserve better than the one I had in Grade 7”, they might even say.  With hundreds of scent options, you cannot blame yourself for why you might need to wonder a lot of stores before you find your signature scent.

A good, lasting scent can linger and stay on clothes, room, over the air and even the noses of each passerby. The shortest answer to the perfume-of-your-life is simple. It might just be FIND THE ONE THAT YOU LIKE. With that said, your whole searching journey can really be a daunting experience. You have to sniff every bottle -- and this is something that you must expect when fragrance shopping!

3 Simple Tips in Choosing Your Signature Scent

So, how do you know which smell is the BEST for you? Below are different ways that you can take to grab not only the best but the perfect scent that will match your own and unique style and personality,

1. Do your fragrance research

  • If you naturally love coffee or a fresh mint scent, then you can research online what are the brands that offer those types of perfumes. Apart from that, product reviews are beneficial to know the quality of each fragrance. If one has a “fan base” or just “bashers”.
2. Don’t just spray and buy
  • A single spray will never be enough if you wanted to know the quality of fragrance you’re trying. You need to give that perfume a little more time to mature so you can determine whether you love and if it’s worthy to purchase the scent.
3. Ask your family or your friend’s opinions
  • It is still good to hear out someone’s perception of the fragrance before buying it. Ask if it’s too strong, or does it lasts longer. You won’t be missing anything if you’ll ask what they think.

Finding a scent of your love can be really challenging. However, if you know what you’re looking for, or if you have a hint of the best perfumes in town, you’ll see that the task would be so much fun. Here, we introduce you to Riddle’s Fragrance Oils, scents with stories that we loved and you’d surely love, too!

Riddle’s Fragrance Oils: The Signature Scent for You!

Indeed, perfume is a magical thing. They say, your signature scent can be a part of you and perhaps, an extension of you. That’s why we’re happy we’ve found the perfect fragrance oil brand you’d surely love for years. It can be your soul mate, your go-to buddy, and might be the only way to find “The One”. Here we break down our Riddle’s fragrance oil favorites (this is based on research, and of course, from ladies’ fragrance viewpoint!):

1. Original/ Roll-On Oil/8ml

Original/ Roll-On Oil/8ml

Learn from the originals, as they say. As Riddle’s first and most popular fragrance oil, you won’t be able to resist the approachable and clean scent that the Original can give to you. Apart from its fresh fragrance, it also boasts being a cruelty-free, vegan and hypoallergenic product. So, what more could you ask for? Simple yet attractive, Riddle’s Original got you covered!

2. Muse/ Roll-On Oil/ ½ oz

Muse / Roll-On Oil / 15ml

Peach, coconut, peony, and magnolia – combined with bergamot, sandalwood, amber, and musk? Are you smelling now that wholesome goodness? Yes, Riddle’s Muse has it all! As the second best-selling product, you can’t blame a lady going head over heels with its captivating scent!

3. Ex / Roll-On Oil / ½oz

This isn’t about your “ex-boyfriend” but this is all about Riddle’s Ex fragrance oils! You don’t have to search further if you’re looking for a seductive and sophisticated scent to attract someone. Go out at parties and stand out from the crowd as this true classic and refined scent got your baaa-smell! This fragrance oil will come in a 5oz stainless steel roll-on ball applicator bottle and made to lasts for 10 months! So, grab it now before it’s too late!

It’s time to believe that there’s nothing more evocative of time than scent! So, there’s really a need to take careful considerations to find the right one for you. It is a very personal thing. Ladies or not, it is important to give enough attention to the business of choosing and buying one.

If you happen to find your signature scent, there are increased chances to attract a charming future partner, build your best confidence and imbibe a good aura every day! But, if you’re still looking for that signature “one”, you might just want to try Riddle and their collection of fragrance oils. You’ll never know – the right perfume is just waiting for you! To know more about this great fragrance collection, visit them here: Riddle Oil

Now, slay any runways with your Riddle’s signature scent!