Get Handy With These Must-Have Skincare Gadgets

Jade facial rollers

Tired of dull and boring skin?  Maybe your skincare routine needs a facelift of its own!   We’ve handpicked five key skincare gadgets to do just that.

1. Jade Facial Roller

What is it? Jade facial rollers are everywhere!  Ever since their debut, they have been highly discussed.  A jade roller is essentially a paint roller-like tool with cylinders of jade stones on either end.  Jadestone is an ancient green stone made up from two minerals: nephrite and jadeite.

What are the benefits? The benefits of jade are endless.  When used in a roller, blood is encouraged to circulate.  This boosts the lymphatic system’s detoxification process, allowing for drainage and brighter skin.  Jade is also great for evening skin tone and calming the skin.

How do I use it? The smaller end of the roller allows for use under and around the eyes.  The larger end can be used for the rest of the face and neck. Simply roll gently over the skin and feel the relaxation.  A jade roller can be used in partner with your favorite eye cream as well! 

Where can I find it? Daily Concepts Jade Facial Roller at Ulta for $16.00

2. Facial Razor

What is it?  A razor for your face!  Now you may be thinking, I don't have facial hair so why do I need a razor?  While only men typically grow thick facial hair, everybody has a fine of hair on their face, nicknamed peach fuzz, that starts growing during childhood.  Peach fuzz is more dominantly found in women and is barely noticeable. However, peach fuzz or vellus hair, can create an uneven appearance of the skin, especially when makeup is applied over.  That's where the razor comes in!

What are the benefits? By removing peach fuzz, the skin can better absorb products and serums.  It also exfoliates the skin by getting rid of all dead skin, leaving a bright and soft face underneath.  I find makeup appears much more natural and not as cakey when applied to fresh shaved skin. Worried about your hair growing back thick and dark?  Don't be! Shaving cuts the hair off level with the skin. Blunt tops can seem to look thicker as they grow back but in reality, they aren't thicker at all!

How do I use it? Shave as you would anything else.  Begin by shaving in the direction of the hair growth.  Continue until all desired hair is gone. Apply your favorite moisturizer after to calm the skin. 

Where can I find it? You can find the Level Setter Razors at Sephora for $8.00

3. Face Mask/Moisturizer Applicator


What is it? Planning on using your fingers to apply that brand new clay mask you bought?  Think again. You NEED a face mask spatula! This handy tool makes putting on and taking off face masks easy and mess-free!

What are the benefits? By using one of these convenient applicators you will keep germs out of your products and skin.  Putting on a mask or moisturizer from a jar with your fingers introduces germs to the jar. These germs from your fingers can then grow and create bacteria.  Most of the time, you won't even know it is there, and continue to use on the skin - yuck! Protect your skin from unwanted germs (and breakouts!) by using a facial spatula.  Lastly, if you're down to the bottom of the jar and thinking about throwing it away, don't! Use your facial spatula to scoop out every last drop to save yourself from wasting product and money!

How do I use it? Grab your go-to mask and your face mask applicator.  Spoon out the desired amount and spread evenly across the face.  To remove, gently scrape the mask off with the tapered end. When using a moisturizer, use the rubbery bristles to massage the product into the skin.  After you are finished using, wash the applicator with warm water and mild soap.  

Where can I find it?  Face Mask Applicator (pictured) at Sephora for $8.00

4. Microneedle Roller

What is it? I know what you're thinking and yes, this is 100% safe and less scary than it seems!  A microneedle roller consists of hundreds of tiny little needles that (healthy) irritate the complexion.  

What are the benefits?  By creating compact wounds in the skin, collagen is produced.  This retains elasticity and softness to the face. A microneedle roller reverses the signs of aging and even helps fade acne scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.  By opening narrow channels in the skin, skincare products absorb 20 times better!  

How do I use it? With light pressure, roll over the face until stimulated.  Then, use a serum or light moisturizer to hydrate and replenish your skin.  Make sure to only use the microneedle roller once or twice a week, as overuse can cause irritation.  Do not roll over active acne or other blemishes.  

Where can I find it? The Derma Beauty Microneedle Roller can be found on Amazon for $10.99

Pro Tip: After rolling use the Natural E Calming Calendula Facial Serum to soothe the skin.

5. Skincare Mini Fridge  

What is it?  That's right.  A mini fridge for your all of your favorite skincare products that can fit perfectly on your bathroom vanity!  Now, you may be thinking that this is really extra, but wait until you hear the perks! Plus, your own beauty fridge will totally make you feel like a skincare goddess.  

What are the benefits? Chilling your moisturizers, serums, and masks before use enhances their calming and cooling effect.  This leaves skin feeling tighter and brighter. Placing your products in a fridge can also lengthen their shelf life, saving you money in the long run.  Mini fridge for the win! 

How do I use it?  Place in a convenient location and store your products inside.  Enjoy the luxurious cooling sensations!

Where can I find it? Shop the Culio Mini Fridge on Amazon starting at $44.99.  This fridge comes in pink, blue, white, black, red, and even cow print!