Detour Sunglasses Review: Our Honest Opinion

Who’s NOT fond of sunglasses? I bet no one. A pair of sunglasses has a big impact on our style and outfit. It may be a small accessory yet, it gives out a powerful vibe whenever you wear one that goes right with your attire. It’s a thing during summer when you are going to an out of town trip, sunny dipping on the beach but there is more to it. A pair of sunglasses can also make you look like a certified lady boss or a sweet chic. Moreover, it also protects your eyes from harmful UV Rays during broad daylight.

Now that we’re onto the topic, sunglasses are a great “condiment” we can add in our style. But honestly, it is also somehow connected to your mood. Just like how you choose your clothes from day to day errands --- whether it be the bossy, corporate look, sweet spring or summer floral style, vintage sophisticated look or retro vibe outfit --- all this can be paired with the perfect sunglasses that can boost your style!

Take a look at Detour Sunglasses. They have multiple shades in line and all are just irresistibly adorable. It can go with almost every outfit, fits certain occasions and the best thing is that it is made of lightweight but durable material. Here are some of our favorite and fashionable sunglasses that are perfect for every style:

1. Gold Smoked Polarized – Bermuda

This one is a total blockbuster! That gold plated frame and black lenses are the best combinations. It gives out that sophisticated lady boss vibe and it is very charming as well. It has a unique eyeglass shape that goes well with any face shape. Moreover, it has UV400 protective lenses from UV rays and made of lightweight material. You can wear it all day even when you’re doing outdoor activities like hiking, trailing or volleyball playing. It also comes with a free Detour pouch that will safely keep your shades.

2. Champagne Lens Polarized- Riptide

Breaking the norm shades, who said sunglasses’ lenses can only be black? Keep that vibrant and colorful style with this Riptide shades in Champagne Lens. Perfect for your print on a print outfit or when you’re going out to the beach. This is Detour’s first-ever frameless sunglasses and everyone is stoked out about it. Get a whole lot of style and protection with this vibrant and stylish shades for a few bucks only.

3. Matte Tortoise Shell – Jet Black Lens 

Animal print on shades, why not? This is not surprising but this is a must in your wardrobe. Getting that timeless, classic chic feels in your outfit, this sleek and stylish sunglass will make you look like a supermodel. (Totally!) This is equipped with sturdy and comfortable hinges that will not bother you throughout the day. It also has an imprinted quote in the inner hinge arm “Create your destiny”. Aside from helping you achieve the stylish “fashion week” look, it also aims to motivate you and to remind you that it is you who have full control to carve your destiny.

So for whatever sunglass you choose, we may have a different style preference, there is one certain thing – we have lots of love for fashion and we can never deny it! For more sunglasses options, you may check out They have various shades that are all trendy and in-style. Cheers for the love of sunglasses!