Madewell’s “Beauty Cabinet”

When you think of Madewell you probably think of high quality clothing and accessories. You would

When you think of Madewell you probably think of high quality clothing and accessories. You wouldn’t be wrong, but you’d be incomplete. Now, you should start thinking beauty, too, since today is the day that Madewell’s newest venture launches online: the Madewell Beauty Cabinet. This is a collection of natural hair, makeup, and skincare products curated with the intention of efficacy and effortlessness in mind. Madewell’s Head Designer Joyce Lee says “The selection is focused around skincare because we feel that taking care of your skin is where beauty starts. We prefer a natural look as opposed to lots of makeup. You’ll notice that the women we shoot have an understated and natural beauty look. As far as the makeup, we wanted to offer products that were versatile, we didn’t want it them to be too complex or tricky, just the things you can rely on day in and day out to enhance your natural beauty.”  Keep scrolling to see the amazing, Byrdie-approved beauty products now available at Madewell, including top picks from natural brands like RMS and French Girl Organics!

According to Lee, the curation process began over a year ago, when the Madewell team started to source beauty products. ”

Every beauty product Madewell offers is simple, effective, and easy to use, thanks to the real-life recommendations of the women on the team. “Our goal is to offer our customers items that inspire them and fit seamlessly in their daily life,” Lee says. “Beauty Cabinet is a natural extension of the clothes we offer and gives us an opportunity to bring our point of view to a new aspect of her daily routine. When curating the products we sourced recommendations from our team, asking them what their daily essentials were and what they couldn’t live without.” The brand then tested each and every product to ensure that the Beauty Cabinet would be a “true reflection of team Madewell’s tried and true picks.”

Next up, watch a Twiggy-inspired makeup tutorial from makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.

Uncomplicated, chic, and effortless—kind of sounds like the entire Madewell brand in a nutshell, no? It’s no surprise then, that the brand turned to amazing natural beauty brands like RMS, French Girl Organics, and Herbivore (all three of which we are totally obsessed with here at Byrdie). Each of these brands produces products with a no-frills approach that are elegant in their simplicity.

So here’s your PSA: Madewell isn’t just a destination for denim and dainty jewelry anymore. Now, it’s a place where you can pick up a few beauty essentials too.

Madewell Just Launched Something Called the “Beauty Cabinet” : Byrdie

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