How We Are Supporting Inclusivity & Entrepreneurial Growth in the Industry

Whether they like it or not, brands have a responsibility to represent a broader spectrum of beauty. Inclusivity should be at the forefront of the creative process when developing campaigns and products.

Black women and those with darker skin tones have been systematically left out of beauty in advertising, product innovation and recruitment for decades.

This is why we choose to partner with businesses who make representation a priority. One of those business partnerships that we’d like to highlight is our collaboration with Beauty N’ Brushes.

Beauty N’ Brushes provides access to a community of makeup and hair specialists for women of color. Creating employment opportunities, supplying resources for artists and celebrating the culture of black beauty.

BNB extensively investigates evolving consumer demands and gathers feedback from underrepresented groups, delivering premium quality products and services to suit their needs.

Beauty N’ Brushes upcoming social media booking application will be available to download in the coming year. It will serve as a platform to connect black makeup and hair stylists with enthusiasts around the world! The first social network to share inspiration, tools and support for all things black beauty.

Be sure to sign up and register your business on their web directory to gain new clients or to consult with recommended artists near you!

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