Daring St. Patty’s Day Look from Selena Gomez

Celebrity (and Gomez’s go-to) makeup artist Hung Vanngo, has just posted the most stunning photo of Selena on Instagram. 

Vanngo is known for taking gorgeous after shots of celebrities and models after he has worked his makeup magic on their faces. He then posts them on his Instagram for us to marvel at and draw beauty inspiration from. 

Yesterday, he posted this stunning shot of his St Patrick’s Day themed glam for Selena Gomez captioned, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀💚.

Not that Gomez needs much help in looking beautiful, but Vanngo sure knows the best angles to take.

Having honed his Insta-photography skills, Hung has captured Selena’s finished beauty look facing the sunlight which further enhances the shimmery pigment of her green eyeshadow as well as the richness of her matte lipstick.

Gomez pretty much put Hung on the makeup-map after he started posting close up shots of her after he would do the singer’s makeup for her many appearances and events.

From there, many other famous faces started showing up on his beautifully curated grid. From Bella Hadid to Kate Bosworth. 

Hung Vanngo Insatgram

Kate Bosworth

Hung Vanngo Instagram

You can follow Hung on Instagram here 

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