Life Lessons with Damone Roberts

Hollywoods favorite beauty guru gets deep about Brows, Beverly Hills and BEAT-ing Beyonce

“I’ve always jumped off the cliff and I’ve always been caught… ALWAYS” as he symbols in prayer to the ceiling.

The mastery of humility and integrity seems to have driven Damone Roberts to the heights of his success. The acclaimed “King of Brows” elaborates on evolving with the industry and adapting to current times, some of the integral steps he took to grow a sustainable business and how he continues to elevate his brand.

Twenty years after opening his salon in Beverly Hills and he is still baffled by the realization of his achievements. “I just put my head down and did the work. The [industry] found me.” He recalls some of his clients, the biggest entertainment stars in the world, and explains that even the most successful people struggle like everyone else, trying to be the best person they can be.

Anyone in the crowd was fortunate enough to hear him dish on expert techniques like framing with brows based on face shape, as well as his product development and branding strategies. He even spilled some tea about his first experiences working with high profile celebs. Exaggerating the importance of being confident in your abilities and demanding respect for yourself, no matter who you are dealing with.

Damone takes extraordinary pride in his service. “Customers should always leave better then they came” and whether he is doing the brows of Beyonce or Sarah Smith, everyone gets treated the same on his table. $175 for a 15 minute brow appointment and its well worth every dollar. The experience is so therapeutic, often customers find themselves snoring and drooling under his care (Damone may or may not have video evidence of this).

“Eyebrows are the most important, underestimated feature of the face. Period.” He refers to his unequivocal research studies, Disney fairytales. “They always give Cinderella and Snow White these really full eyebrows and they always give the step sister or evil witch… really thin eyebrows. Thin eyebrows equal harshness and mean spirited. Full eyebrows equal softer, more youthful and pretty.” This philosophy explains everything!

Upcoming projects for Damone include the relaunch of his fully tested, FDA approved brow growth serum, the Rogaine for eyebrows, Brow Gain. His sold out product will be back on the market in the next month or so and guarantees flourishing brows. In addition to new strategic partnerships with some big names and potentially starring on another major TV production, Damone also announces the release of a new, online brow masterclass he will be leading.

As time is winding down to the end of his segment, “I’m more comfortable onstage you guys then I am offstage, it’s the craziest thing.” An hour and a half wasn’t enough for the inspiring dialogue that was being shared.

What I found most captivating is how he created a space for himself in the industry mastering one thing. One thing that seems so simple but is actually very complex and strategic. His expertise in brows alone has created opportunities for him to collaborate with the most well established beauty brands today- Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mac Cosmetics, just to name a few.

As we are ready to part, he expresses his last words of advice “fall down 7 times, get up 8… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen flat on my face. So many times but god willing, I get back up… Sometimes it takes a couple of days, but I get back up. And I believe in getting under the covers for a couple of days if you have to, eating your Hagen Dazs- Butter Pecan Ice Cream… Then there comes that point when you gotta open that window, put your cape on and you gotta fly out.”

Written by: Beatriz Durant

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