Beauty Box Breakdown

Products are expensive. You buy a $30.00 lipstick or highlighter in hopes that it will become your new favorite staple but too many times those products go unused, forgotten at the bottom of your makeup bag and your money… wasted. So why spend $30.00 on one product when you can get a whole box full of wonders for the same price? Beauty boxes have been popping up left and right, with good reason! It’s a less expensive alternative to experiment with beauty brands and products with the added bonus of home delivery. So, for all you beauty-box beginners, here is a breakdown of the packages available and what you can expect from each one.



Have you ever watched a YouTube Makeup tutorial and wondered ‘where do they find all those products?’  Well, wonder no more. Ipsy’s got you covered. Created by the YouTube tutorial queen, Michelle Phan, Ipsy subscribers receive a monthly Glam Bag filled with several full- and sample-sized products, all for $10.00 per month. These products are customized based on a combination of your own style and Ipsy’s personal stylists’ recommendations, which are of course, all YouTube beauty gurus.




Of course, if sample sizes aren’t your thing, GlossyBox will happily send you five, full-sized, high-end, beauty products each month for $21.00, all wrapped in ribbon and delivered in a sleek pink box. If Audrey Hepburn, Billie Holiday, and Kate Middleton all came together to create a box of style, elegance, and class, Glossybox would be that creation.



For some of us, beauty products just aren’t enough. How about a box that sends you cosmetics along with clothing, bags, jewelry, books, hats, umbrellas, plants, and more importantly, food? For $39.95 a month, each box opens like the must-have page of a fashion magazine. POPSUGAR will make you feel as if it’s your birthday every single month .

Popsugar Must Have April 2015 full box


Handmade Beauty Box

What if all these ready-made products bore you? (I’m looking at you DIYers) Maybe you just want to get your hands dirty, or better yet, covered in essential oils, baking soda, and citric acid. Sound scary? Please, it’s just a DIY bath bomb! For $32.00 a month, Handmade Beauty Box sends you all the ingredients, and you make the products. DIY lipstick? Check. Bronzer? Yup. Candles? Of course! Being crafty has never been this easy.



MeMe Box

Pronounced “me me” box (not meme), this package is all about you! Instead of subscribing for monthly boxes, MeMe can be bought box by box, so there’s no canceling subscriptions if you feel like skipping a month or if you want more than one box that month. MeMe Box specializes in Korean Beauty, each box having a different theme or YouTuber connected to the box. Another special feature is that each box has it’s own unique price. And if you don’t feel like buying a box, you can just buy the products straight off the site!



Mugler Addict

What goes best with perfectly done makeup, hair, and clothing? Scent, of course! Mugler Addict sends out exactly what it says: Thierry Mugler perfumes. For $50.00 per year, Mugler send quarterly boxes of sample- and travel-size perfumes, making finding a signature scent a whole lot cheaper.




Let’s be honest. As amazing as beauty boxes are, a lot of them don’t get the curly hair struggle. But, that’s where CurlBOX comes to the rescue. $20.00 a month gets you full- to sample-size hair products, ranging from quality well-know brands to awesome up and coming brands you won’t believe you’ve never tried.  




Q Box

Now, this box is on this list not just for its beauty products, but for how unbelievably cute it is. With the majority of products coming from South Korea and Japan, Q Box sends full-size home, beauty, and fashion products for $24.95 each month. These boxes are filled with everything you never knew you needed, from teddy bear hair brushes to fluffy pajama shorts.



Fortune Cookie Soap Box  

There is nothing that compares to the utter relaxation of a pleasant smelling soap, a fizzy bath bomb and a skin-smoothing cream. But, how about body mists, shower steamers, skin masks, essential oils and lip scrubs? The Fortune Cookie Soap Box knows both which bath products are your current and future favorites. With each box following a unique theme, they are $19.00 each ($28.00 for Canada; $34.00 for International) and ship on a quarterly basis.




And last, but not least, come your nails. With such a busy schedule between trying out your DIY bath bombs, hydrating and volumizing your curls, and that new $40.00 retail lipstick you got for pennies, time to do your nails might be sparse. But, Scratch is as easy as one, two, three. For $30.00 a month their monthly Mani Box includes several different nail wraps that will leave you and all who see it in awe of the gorgeous designs. From basic nudes to zodiac-inspired designs, these wraps will always keep you amazed.   




Written by Nikkia Rivera



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