Get Glowing with these DIYs

As we approach the cooler seasons, getting out of bed on a Sunday seems almost impossible. While lying around all day is an option, there are better ways to utilize your time and help you get you energized for the week ahead. Below we’ve listed some of the easiest DIYs to incorporate into your weekly routine that will get you going and keep you glowing!

Make use of brewed coffee grounds.


If your morning routine includes a cup of coffee, use your brewed coffee grounds as a body scrub! Taking a tablespoon of freshly brewed coffee grounds (cool enough to touch) mix with a tablespoon of coconut oil and scrub onto your body in the shower. The coffee grounds are a rough exfoliator, making them perfect for areas with thicker, drier skin, such as the feet, elbows and knees. The coconut oil helps softens the skin.


Recycling Your Used Tea Bags


More of a tea person? Make use of those used tea leaves by creating a face exfoliator. Once brewed, take out the tea bag and leave it to cool. Then, carefully cut or rip open the tea bag and place the loose tea leaves into a bowl, mixing in a small spoonful of honey. The tea leaves act as a gentle exfoliator as the honey hydrates the skin while calming and preventing breakouts. Use as a quick exfoliator or, for those who have a few minutes to spare, use as a mask, keeping the leaves on for five to ten minutes before washing off.



DIY Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Oil pouring onto woman's forehead and hair

Before jumping into the shower, give your hair a little love. Using either coconut or olive oil, place your desired amount into a small bowl and warm up in the microwave for fifteen to twenty seconds. Over a sink (because this will get messy), comb the oil throughout your hair with your fingers, starting from your roots down, until your hair is entirely covered. Placing your hair into a clip or bun, throw on a shower cap and leave it for fifteen minutes (for best results soak in the treatment under a hairdryer). Afterward, hop into the shower and wash out the oil with shampoo and conditioner. Both coconut and olive oil hydrate and strengthen the hair, while also relieving dry itchy scalps. This hair mask is perfect for those with dry hair.


Mix Up Your Daily Cleanser


Fan of eating yogurt for breakfast? Why not use it as a cleanser? Plain yogurt moisturizes, treats acne, and brightens skin. Using a tablespoon of plain yogurt, combined with a tablespoon of honey, preferably organic, mix the two together. Use it as a normal cleanser or let it sit on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes, before washing off.



Give Your Lips Some Love


Chapped lips? Not today. Using a drop of olive oil and a pinch of sugar, mix the two to create a simple lip exfoliator. Scrub onto your lips for two to three minutes before washing off. As the sugar exfoliates, the olive oil moisturizes, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Caution: Sugar can be a rough exfoliator, so use sparingly.    


Written by Nikkia Rivera



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