Advanced Social Media Strategy at the DIY Makeup Party

Step up your DM game and learn how to get more engagement from your audience. We’re talking integrated marketing through social media with industry expert Allison Turquoise at the upcoming DIY Makeup Party.

Allison is not only a self-proclaimed beauty queen, promoting cruelty free beauty with a pop of pink, but her day job is to seek out new business for a leading skincare manufacturer that researches and develops product lines from some of the top conglomerate beauty companies. After collaborating with businesses at all different levels, one thing has become certain and that is the role of social media.

Social Media is crucial in determining a brands success today. It has the ability to communicate values, establish a brand’s DNA and assist with reaching new consumers. That is why we’re sharing the top tactics social media gurus in the cosmetics industry use to build and inspire their consumers online.

Have you RSVP’d yet? Time is ticking! Be sure to show up and show out at the upcoming DIY Makeup Party LA Edition on July 27th #WhereBeautyBossesLinkUp.

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