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Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration

OK so it may be a little early, but halloween will be here before you even know it! Why wait until the last minute to think of an awesome and unique costume idea? Considering soemthing sexy, yet sinister? Why not the classic vixen that is the femme fatale? We love the idea of a femme fatale. Part alluring, part dangerous, try this forbidden fruit fierceness on for size and choose from 10 of our personal favorites:
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Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Angelica Huston

In honor of Halloween being tomorrow and all, we honor classic beauty Angelica Huston as our Throwback Thursday. This California girl was born with the acting bug. Huston’s father and grandfather were actors and her mom was a model and ballerina. With an itch for the stage naturally in her genes, this starlet has been in many notable films, including great Halloween flicks like The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, and The Witches.
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